Thursday, January 31, 2008

Google OS 2.0

There has been talks for long time that Google is secretly developing an OS of its own. If you think that i am going to talk about that OS, then you are wrong. This is about a OS developed by a startup company called Good OS. This is basically a distribution derived from Ubuntu and lots of cool new features it boasts of. It has an eye-candy look because of its desktop which is based on Enlightenment . And the main reason behind the name "gOS" or sometimes called as Google OS is because of its integration with Google and lot of web application.

Recently they have released the Google OS 2.0 "Rocket" which has lot of new feature that integrates so well with Google applications and may be thats the reason behind the name. "Rocket" is packed with Google Gears, new online offline synchronization technology from Google that enables offline use of web apps; gBooth, a browser-based web cam application with special effects, integration with Facebook and other web services; shortcuts to launch Google Reader, Talk, and Finance on the desktop; an online storage drive powered by; and Virtual Desktops, an intuitive feature to easily group and move applications across multiple desktop spaces

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