Tuesday, November 27, 2007

World without women

A blog from me after really long time and lots of pestering from varalu :) so thought of writing about a social topic.

Recently came across an article somewhere about this topic. So just thought of writing about it. Imagine a world without women. What would happen ....

This is what is happening in come parts of our country. There are lots of villages where there are no girls for the men in the village. The basic reason behind this is the sex selection and the gender bias towards getting male child. These things are still happening in some villages in our country.

There have been lot of incidents in the state of UP especially. These are the after effects of events that happened in the 80's and the 90's. Families preferred only male child and they killed the female infants. Also with the advancement of technologies sex determination using techniques like scanning led to selective abortion of pregnancy. So what are the consequences of this...

Men are buying women from nearby villages and states for marrying. Usually the parents of the boy used to get the dowry in olden days. Now its the reverse. The parents of the boy pay to the girl's parents for marriage. That much is the demand for girls.
The wealthier families in the village are able to buy girls from neighboring village or states. Some families even get girls from as far as Punjab. So what happens in case of a poor family. There are cases where a single girl is being shared by all the men in the family and reports of rape and murder associated with these. And the violence against women in these parts of the country are increasing day by day.

This is not the case in India alone. Even china is facing such a crisis these days. China introduced the scheme of one child per family some years back. Because of this the sex ratio in the country is somewhat bad. It seems that there are 20 percent more boys than girls in the country.

So where does this lead to ?? it creates an imbalance in the population ,the crime rates go up , and violence against women increase like anything.

There might come one day when parents want only girl child and start avoiding male child.