Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Photos at Porthy Mund

Im posting some of the photos which we took during the trekking at Porthi Mund

A view from the bus ... The ghat roads which led to the lake...

Can u spot something there ???
Look closely... Can u see the moon ???
This photo was taken at 10.30 in the morning
how amazing ???

Myself along with varalu , raga, varun , paramesh from left to right..

The place where the trekking started ... the road which lead the beautiful porthi mund dam

Myself near the lake

The path which we took into the deep woods ...

Myself , varalu , paramesh , varun , along the way with our sticks in hand....

The places where we had to creep into the bushes... In some places we had to go like this for about 100 metres...

Myself along the shores of the Porthy Mund lake

People who started pelting stones at the waters.. Then it turned out to be a game which we all enjoyed ...

A group photo along with Kannan

Myself holding to a stick , which we used for the trekking ....

See the crystal clear waters of the porthy mund lake.. The exotic untouched part of nilgiris ..

The wild forest ....

My friends along with Kannan

A rare photo which captures the sun on the camera.. It shows the scenic beauty of the Pothimund Lake

The forest security guards who accompanied us through our trip and answered all our stupid questions patiently...
These guys have caught many poachers , Ganja Planters and illegal intruders ..

The way that leads to the porthi mund lake ...
A path where only man can walk through ....

Monday, January 23, 2006


Yesterday had been a wonderful day as i was part of the trekking which was organised by the CAP and Nature Club of the College. The whole trip was fun filled and exotic one. We had been to place called "Pothi Mand" which is in the interior forests of Nilgiris range. It is a one and a half hour journey from Ooty.

We started the journey at 6.30 with bus( PSG bus) full of guys from various departments. Then proceeded to Ooty and then the "Pothy Mand" , which is a restricted forest area known only to few people. People say that it is the Maniratnam's favorite spot and been in movies like Roja and Alaipayuthae. We started the trekking at around 1 in the afternoon. The place was exotic location untouched by common people. It was wonderful to see such a place where no pollution has peeped in. The air was fresh and the climate cool and no words to explain the happiness which i got after seeing those places..

It was a dense forest totally covered with the trees everywhere , and we had to go in places where only there was way for a man to go. It was nice to have an adventurous journey inside those dense forest area. First we went to the Pothi Mand Water Reservoir , which was an amazing dam with very steep walls and the amount of water it was holding was tremendous. As crossed it we entered the jungle.. From there we had to go in to the deep forest which was a 4 km walk. It was an adventerous walk all the way , with streams of water gushing along the way and a mini water fall in the way. From there we reached a place they call it as "hut".. Took rest there for sometime. Then we proceeded to the lake which the Pothi Mand Dam preserves. The lake was an exotic location like which i have seen only in Discovery and NGC . I wondered such a place existed in India. Why should we go for Hawaaiian islands when we have such places here itself..

The we had to return back. We all were totally exhausted during our return from the place. It was very cold and dark as it was nearing 5 o clock. The chillness was extreme and the jungle full of noices from the insects.. When we were returning from the Dam we had a wonderful scene of a herd of Bisons, around 20 to 30 on the way. It was nice to see such animals at the night time. Atlast we have seen some animals in the forest.
It was around 12 when we reached the Hostel. We all were totally exhausted , no energy. Had a good night's sleep..

Monday, January 09, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend

The weekend had been a wonderful one.. Lot of events participated and a weekend of fun..
On Saturday we had our regular aps session followed by my seminar on "Pointers" . Eventhough the strength was very less , i enjoyed taking seminar , as it is one of my favourite topics. In the mean time we decided to participate in the competition conducted by the CSE dept. Daya and myself took part in Debugging Contest .. We didnt make thru in the prelims( eventhough we had the mark , the politics was there ).. So we daya and myself went on to participate in the Kaun Banega Code Pathi. The prelims was again an aptitude in C , like the one we had for the previous event. But this was far easier and not of very high standard. So we easily made thro.. The Final round was the most interesting part of the round .. We were given 4 problems , for which we need to frame the logic and do the coding.. We could finish only 2 problems out of these.. The problem which i enjoyed doing was the "Cat and the Rat" problem.. This was to do with the general tree of order N and the various tree related calculations.. This was fun.

Sunday the day , we ran and ran and ran and ran .....
Yes , it is the PSG Mini Marathon Conducted by the physical education dept. Since we had already participated in the Marathon the last year also , we were eager for this event.. Got up at 6 o'clock itself.. After a long time i got up so early.. Then we all assembled in the ground. Myself, Varalu , Varun,Sreekanth,Paramesh and Vasanth were there.. We had to cover a distance of 10.5 kms. First we had a run around the hostel ground and proceeded to avinashi road. Myself and varun were running together for the whole race. First we had to cross Lakshmi mill , then INS agrani , then Niramala college, Sowripalayam , PSGIMS, then our ladies hostel gate and then to the Hostel. Sreekanth , Varalu, Paramesh,Varun finished before me . I finished in 120th position .. We all got the certificates and T-shirts for the race. After the race , we were all very tired. Body pain for all of us.. It was very difficult even to walk.
That day evening we had been to tek music show along with seniors ( damu and karthi) .. This show is one of those shows i really enjoyed .. In between the show rain started pouring .. There had been movements all around .. Finally some of them got shelter under the Y block and the girls under the A block .. Then the show started again after a gap.. Now it was very interesting to see the people performing even in the rain..