Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jumpcut : An online video editor from Yahoo

Just came across this cool new online tool for editing all your videos. When Google has an array of products on its list, Yahoo also has many such products which i was not aware. And Jumpcut is from Yahoo which was acquired recently by yahoo. Even though Google has Youtube for the online video sharing, it does not have the feature to edit any video. But Jumpcut offers you a lot of options.
These are some of the things which i was able to explore on jumpcut:

  • Upload all you video just like you do on youtube.
  • Share the videos with friends or make it public
  • Make a movie of you own by combining many small clips as you do in a video editor
  • Add sounds, animations, text in the video.
  • Amazingly all these things you are able to do online and its very fast.

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