Monday, January 09, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend

The weekend had been a wonderful one.. Lot of events participated and a weekend of fun..
On Saturday we had our regular aps session followed by my seminar on "Pointers" . Eventhough the strength was very less , i enjoyed taking seminar , as it is one of my favourite topics. In the mean time we decided to participate in the competition conducted by the CSE dept. Daya and myself took part in Debugging Contest .. We didnt make thru in the prelims( eventhough we had the mark , the politics was there ).. So we daya and myself went on to participate in the Kaun Banega Code Pathi. The prelims was again an aptitude in C , like the one we had for the previous event. But this was far easier and not of very high standard. So we easily made thro.. The Final round was the most interesting part of the round .. We were given 4 problems , for which we need to frame the logic and do the coding.. We could finish only 2 problems out of these.. The problem which i enjoyed doing was the "Cat and the Rat" problem.. This was to do with the general tree of order N and the various tree related calculations.. This was fun.

Sunday the day , we ran and ran and ran and ran .....
Yes , it is the PSG Mini Marathon Conducted by the physical education dept. Since we had already participated in the Marathon the last year also , we were eager for this event.. Got up at 6 o'clock itself.. After a long time i got up so early.. Then we all assembled in the ground. Myself, Varalu , Varun,Sreekanth,Paramesh and Vasanth were there.. We had to cover a distance of 10.5 kms. First we had a run around the hostel ground and proceeded to avinashi road. Myself and varun were running together for the whole race. First we had to cross Lakshmi mill , then INS agrani , then Niramala college, Sowripalayam , PSGIMS, then our ladies hostel gate and then to the Hostel. Sreekanth , Varalu, Paramesh,Varun finished before me . I finished in 120th position .. We all got the certificates and T-shirts for the race. After the race , we were all very tired. Body pain for all of us.. It was very difficult even to walk.
That day evening we had been to tek music show along with seniors ( damu and karthi) .. This show is one of those shows i really enjoyed .. In between the show rain started pouring .. There had been movements all around .. Finally some of them got shelter under the Y block and the girls under the A block .. Then the show started again after a gap.. Now it was very interesting to see the people performing even in the rain..

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